Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Indiana - The Next Milan?

I'm sure the title of this post has amused some but for others it feels like our only mission in life. Is it possible for Indiana to be a fashion haven for edgy, in the know, chic, fashionista leaders? In the land of fried twinkies, corn, soybeans, and basketball there is more to Hoosier Hospitality than meets the eye - really there is!
Over the past year I have been so amazed at the incredible people I've been lucky enough to meet. And the surprise was that I didn't have to wander very far. When I decided to get involved in my community and help improve where I live for my kids and for humanity in general the wonderful people just started coming and coming and coming. Every day I'm meeting people whom have the exact same outlook about our city, the fashion community, and improving both. Instead of sitting back complaining about not being in New York, L.A., or Chicago and getting upset as to how backwards or how late we seem to be about fashion here in Indiana I decided to get off my own butt and change the way things are going. The old saying "be the change you want to see in the world" truly applies in this case. When you get out and take the emphasis off of yourself and truly get into helping others, it not only changes the people or the area you're trying to help but you, yourself, are the most changed and for that I'm grateful.
So, in my quest to somehow think I'm going to change the realm of fashion in Indiana myself, I came upon many many others who paved a beautiful path before me. I've also found more phenomenal people working right with me - beside me, in front of me, behind me, wherever and whatever it's all about improving the fashion community.
A few days ago I was at a meeting regarding establishing a Fashion Council or Fashion District for Indianapolis and Indiana. Just being around people who truly want the same goal is just so thrilling. One woman, whom I hold so much respect for, commented that trying to get funding for this project would be a bit trickier than other projects due to the fact that most people view fashion as something dumb or frivolous - sadly she's so right. With this project it is our duty to change that view and to make those individuals understand that fashion is not so superficial but it will provide jobs and drive revenue to our city to boost our struggling economy. I say to those naysayers that this IS possible and WE WILL SUCCEED and you may as well jump on the bandwagon now or we'll leave you behind.

So, Milan? Maybe - but definitely watch out New York ,L.A., and Chicago - we're coming for you!

Indiana Designers, Fashion Writers, Hair Stylists, Reps, Independent Boutique Owners, Photographers, WE NEED YOU! Go to http://www.fashion.insideleg.com/ and tell us about yourself. We are collecting data which will help us in our funding efforts for our project. The more content we acquire the better our project can be.

Until Then: "What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" - Vincent Van Gogh