Monday, April 18, 2011

Transition COMPLETE!

This is such an exciting day over here at Aesthetic Design Style!  We have been working for months to improve and create new and better services for you and our fashion community.  I am so very proud to announce that we are officially AESTHETIC DESIGN STYLE HOUSE!  We were doing so much more than just Designer representation and it outgrew Aesthetic Design Style.  So, we have made it a fashion industry house - to house all kinds of services you need to push your fashion business to the next level.

Whether you are a Designer, Model, Stylist, Photographer, Producer, or Intern we've got you covered.  Our services now include:  Fashion Industry Representation, Wholesale and Retail Sales, Public Relations, Marketing,  Press Kit Creation,  Press Release Creation and Distribution, Social Media Relations, Lookbook Creation, Photo Shoot Development, Media Placement, Brand Management, Blog and Newsletter Creation, and Contract Creation and Management.  And we are still perfecting more!

We cannot thank you enough for all of the feedback, suggestions, assistance, love, and support and now we know who we are and where we are going.  It's been a learning experience and everyday we learn something new.  Thank you for believing in us and there is more in store from us to YOU!

Until Then:  "Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."  - Benjamin Franklin


Julia, Janelle, and Alyssa

Monday, April 11, 2011

Halston Heritage Collection

It has come to my attention that HALSTON is my favorite designer of all time.  And in saying this I realize I have alienated many fabulous designers in the process - BUT for me personally he was the BEST.  I would literally wear every single piece he ever created and it would be an honor to feel it on my body - YES it's that deep!

In my research of Roy Halston Frowick I found out that there is probably an unconscious reason I love him so - besides the point of knowing every curve of a woman's body and being completely ahead of the fashion trends - he also has some Indiana ties.  He was born a Midwesterner in Des Moines, Iowa but he did graduate from high school in Evansville, Indiana and he attend Indiana University for one semester - we should be honored!  In 1952 he moved to Chicago and attended school of the Art Institute of Chicago and the rest is history.  In an unambiguous way fashion is born so genuinely here in the Midwest and along with Halston we can't forget about our other success story in Bill Blass (but that's another post altogether).

The company Halston founded had it's ups and downs to say the least.  I remember my mom being so excited that he signed a licensing agreement with JCPenney so she could buy some of his line for her own collection.  You have to understand how HUGE this was because my mom hates to shop so for someone like Halston to have that sort of affect on her was of enormous proportions!  With those licensing agreements and so many collections demanded of him, the selling of his name to Norton Simon Industries in 1973, and the firing from his own label in 1983 there was much controversy surrounding this amazing figure who single-handedly changed fashion (hello -  the Pill Box Hat made for Jackie Kennedy!!!).
Halston had the strongest influence in fashion early in the decade, when he helped bury the wild, anti-establishment look of the 60's, with its gypsy colors, fringed leathers and tie-dyed fabrics. He introduced the more sober clothes that women were ready for.—Lisa Belkin The New York Times 
His magic was lost for awhile and the whole reason for his being had seemed to be forgotten about by most.  The company has had at least eight different owners and six different designers since that time.

Enter Fall 2011 and the HALSTON HERITAGE COLLECTION designed by no other than Sarah Jessica Parker.  The resurrection of this line is one of the best play on Halston's vision and the merging of modernity I've seen.  You look at it and know it's Halston but there's a slight twist thrown in that makes it right now!  Finally, I feel, ol' Roy would be very proud ~

Until then:  "A designer is only as good as the people he dresses." - HALSTON