Monday, November 15, 2010

Shopping Independently for the Holidays

Wickedly Chic - Cortese Design Bags

And so it begins . . .

Holiday shopping is upon us and it's time to get out there and start shopping for those you love and maybe a few you're not too sure about but know you probably need to get something for :)  Just kidding - we all need to get into the holiday spirit and we at Aesthetic Design Style want to help make your shopping experience seamless and stress-less (not sure that's a word and if it's not then it should be).

The economy still sucks and people are losing jobs left and right - not to mention not being able to find a job or make the money you know you are worth.  I know it sounds meaningless to some when it comes to buying gifts while other people are hanging on to their homes by a thread.  Let us say that some of the very best gifts we've ever gotten or given have been the ones that are made from the heart so we all need to remember the reason for the holidays and what all of the celebrations are about. 

Wickedly Chic - Natural Clothing Co.

There are many ways to buy gifts for the people in your life that are special and don't break the bank.  That's what we're here to help you with this year.  Not only do we believe in our own very talented one of a kind designers but we've also run across some other AMAZING independent businesses who want to help your shopping endeavor as well.  These two businesses have some great selections for every person on your list and you can be assured that you'll be giving a gift from your heart while being frugal as well.  The fun part is that your gift recipient will think you spent a fortune but it will be our little secret! 

Wickedly Chic - Flipside Wallets

Wickedly Chic is one of our very favorite places to go online!  Liz Nonnemacher does an incredible job with this site and the meaning behind it.  Here's an overview of her site in her own words:  "Wickedly Chic is geared toward women (although there’s no reason why men can’t enjoy it too). The businesses that you see highlighted throughout our pages are independently owned. This means that big-box retailers (while they certainly have their place) are not our focus. Some of the businesses that you see featured carry handcrafted items and some of them are smaller shops which don’t create their own products but exist independently of a corporately-owned chain. One of the best things about Wickedly Chic is that no matter what the economic state of the world, you’ll rarely see items that cost more than $200.00. And if they do…I can assure you that they’re worth it…otherwise you wouldn’t see them here. This is a good thing….because let’s face it…the majority of us want excellent value from what we buy without breaking the bank. We like to treat ourselves without (too much) guilt. With Wickedly Chic, you’ll find a new array of items to check out (almost) every day, small businesses covered in depth every week, occasional giveaways, a different guest quarter column every week providing valuable info for both shoppers and business owners, a reader spotlight (with their personal shopping picks!) and much much more. Even if you feel as though you don’t have an extra dime to spend at the moment, the information here is free (and sometimes quite entertaining!)"

Don't miss Wickedly Chic's Holiday Gift Guide - it's jam packed full of great ideas for the season!

Green Eyed Monster - Organic Baby Shoes

This next business I stumbled upon when I was going from link to link to link one day and am so excited I did!  I signed up for their newsletter and I look forward to seeing the new stuff they have for me each morning.  Green Eyed Monster is my go to spot for new DIY ideas as well as a peek at some wonderful talent throughout the land.  A little background on how Green Eyed Monster® got started… (in their own words!)  "Ash and Kimmy are the sisters behind Green Eyed Monster® totes, an arty little biz bringing you the most unique reusable bags on the block. Given how much we enjoyed connecting with independent artists and designers through GEM, we thought we’d share the monster luv and bring these amazingly talented individuals together in one unique, handmade nook of the Interwebs!"

Green Eyed Monster - Hanukkah Bird Cards

Visit:  Inspiration:  Holiday Shopping 2010 on the Green Eyed Monster site for unique and fun gift ideas!

That's all from us for the moment - but don't worry we're busy getting our own holiday suggestions together for your viewing pleasure.  Don't go anywhere - we'll be back with our AMAZING picks for the holiday season.  Until then make sure you visit the fun businesses above and remember to HAVE FUN doing it!!

Until then: 
Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary. - Margaret Cousins

Green Eyed Monster - Give Cheer - Fabric Wrap