Sunday, August 23, 2009

Open Minds and Open Hearts for Fashion

D. Lamont Couture


Rags II Riteous

I attended the "1st Annual Holy Decore Fashion Experience" this weekend for the mere fact that my gorgeous niece was one of the models in the show. And for the fact that she happened to be modeling for one of my very favorite local designers - Nikki Blaine Couture!

I was pleasantly surprised at the incredible fashion that was to be had at this show. The designers hailed from Indianapolis and I was wondering how I missed a few of these names. Not only was the fashion independent and unique, but it was beautifully constructed and had the ingenuity of a new generation of designers. What I also loved about this show was that there was a balance of lines for men and women that I liked equally. I will say that in past shows I've attended I hadn't been extremely impressed with some of the mens lines but this one was an exception.

Besides being a bit biased to Nikki Blaine I thoroughly enjoyed Rags II Riteous, Denderah, and D. Lamont Couture. These were my top 4! They used everything from neckties to wool crepe from hounds tooth to leather and in some beautiful ways. Goes to show that sometimes the very thing you've been looking for truly is in your own backyard. Look for more to come from the aforementioned designers in the near future - from me especially!
Until then:
“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The End of Summer Means HUGE Savings

As we all know the sight of opaque tights, knee high boots, tweed, suede, and quilting in our favorite shops are true signs that summer will soon be a distant memory - once again. Yes that also means it's time for me to wade through my closet and box up my "summer" clothes and shoes and bust out my "winter" clothes suit cases. As I've gotten much wiser (not older, just wiser) I have eliminated my trepidation about this whole unavoidable task by making smarter and better quality choices about how I view my wardrobe.

There are a few pieces I have that can actually carry me from summer to fall to winter to spring and back again. They are investment pieces but they are worth it in the long run. Especially now that I have 3 daughters and don't have 4 hours to get dressed let alone 15 minutes for myself - but that's what I signed up for!!! Don't get me wrong, there are few true fall/winter pieces that I just couldn't live without that would NEVER do for spring/summer. But the pieces I do keep out year round can easily be paired with many things to create unique looks - AND no one knows - well, until now.

Changing up your accessories and adding color is the easiest and most inexpensive way to stretch your dollar and your wardrobe. This works in all seasons. And like I always say "accessories always fit!". No matter how many kids you have or how many times you get married or divorced - accessories always keep their shape!

A great way to stock up on these timeless wardrobe necessities is to catch the end of season sales - BUT this can be tricky. You MUST find accessories that are unique, good quality, and are stylish NOT TOO TRENDY! If you get caught in the trap of trends then you will find yourself on the fast track to being out of fashion before you know it. Knowing how to incorporate a trend here and there is always good. Trend overkill, on the other hand, is the true testament to someone who may still be trying to find their own personal style by following what they feel everyone else is doing. Hence they never find their own style identity.

I happen to have 3 fabulous offers for you to get started on your new outlook on fashion:

  • Brynn Capella Handbags is offering below wholesale pricing on sample sale items. This is a fantastic way to try out a new chic handbag that no one else has at recession friendly pricing. The quality of these bags is undenied and once you get one - you'll be back for her fall line - trust!

  • Erin Braxton Loungewear is offering her wonderful line of loungewear at an exceptional discount. Just use promo code EBSUMMER25 at checkout and receive $25 off your order of $100 or more. You'll never sleep in your husband's sweats again - trust!

  • Chic Gems Etc., is teaming up with us, Aesthetic Design Style, and offering 50% off to all of our customers through Monday, August 17th! You can only get the discount by using code ADS50 at checkout. Also with any $100 (after discount) purchase you receive a FREE pair of pearl earrings! Now who can pass that up? Chic Gems Etc., is clearing out merchandise to make room for her two new lines: The Signature Line and The Couture Line - you do NOT want to miss that launch - trust!

So, you see we've gotten you off to a GREAT start for fall. Take advantage of the wonderful offers above and off you go!

Until then: “The goal I seek is to have people refine their style through my clothing without having them become victims of fashion.” Giorgio Armani