Sunday, August 23, 2009

Open Minds and Open Hearts for Fashion

D. Lamont Couture


Rags II Riteous

I attended the "1st Annual Holy Decore Fashion Experience" this weekend for the mere fact that my gorgeous niece was one of the models in the show. And for the fact that she happened to be modeling for one of my very favorite local designers - Nikki Blaine Couture!

I was pleasantly surprised at the incredible fashion that was to be had at this show. The designers hailed from Indianapolis and I was wondering how I missed a few of these names. Not only was the fashion independent and unique, but it was beautifully constructed and had the ingenuity of a new generation of designers. What I also loved about this show was that there was a balance of lines for men and women that I liked equally. I will say that in past shows I've attended I hadn't been extremely impressed with some of the mens lines but this one was an exception.

Besides being a bit biased to Nikki Blaine I thoroughly enjoyed Rags II Riteous, Denderah, and D. Lamont Couture. These were my top 4! They used everything from neckties to wool crepe from hounds tooth to leather and in some beautiful ways. Goes to show that sometimes the very thing you've been looking for truly is in your own backyard. Look for more to come from the aforementioned designers in the near future - from me especially!
Until then:
“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  1. Great write up on this fashion show. I hope to see more of Nikki Blaine's work and the other designers in our area. The designs in your pics were fabulous!