Friday, July 22, 2011

Master of Transformational Reconstruction

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and taking some time in this heat to get cool. This week I wanted to talk about a new method of draping I learned about. Transformational Reconstruction is a form of draping in which there are no side seams, shoulder seams, or darts. Shingo Sato is a master of this technique and released a book not too long ago titled the same, Transformational Reconstruction by Shingo Sato, which also has a great DVD of Sato demonstrating his process.

Here are some pictures of Shingo Sato and his work.

 TR is a fun and creative method of creating very one of a kind pieces. I suggest everyone who is a designer and loves to sew should try this method. Youtube is a great source to get started. There are many many videos of not only Shingo Sato but other designers demonstrating in detail this technique. Enjoy!
Amber :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

English Sensibility

Hello everyone!
It’s so nice to be back from England. I had an absolute blast while I was there and made so many new friends that I am going to miss. While I was in England I spent most of my time in Ilkeston and Nottingham, but my friend and I did manage to make it to London for a few days. While we were there I saw so many interesting people wearing what I can only describe as chic all the time. So, of course I became a bit of creeper and just started taking photos of people in outfits I thought were interesting. One thing I did notice in London besides the womens fashion being incredibly forward was that men were also almost always dressed just as well as the women. It wasn’t just in London either, every part of England the men weren’t afraid to be bold with their fashions. It was very refreshing to see.

The first two photos that I took were at the train station from Derby going into London. Both of these men have very different styles but both look very put together.
The third picture I have posted was in London and it’s the girl on the far left with the “harem” pants that caught my eye.  I saw these pants in nearly every store I went to. Also, notice the brightly colored socks she’s wearing with her shoes, the man in red in the last photo did the same thing. New trend?

While in England and particularly London, it was a bit chilly. When the sun is out you feel a bit hot but as soon as it disappears you feel the chill. Scarves, boots, and jackets where definitely items you wanted to keep handy. These three photos show different ways I saw scarves and boots worn.

The last picture I have posted is just for fun. While I was in England there was a show that my friend show me that is similar to our Jerry Springer/Maury called called the Jeremy Kyle show.  This show was interesting to me because I was told the only people that really went on the show were called “Chavs.” A chav, according to my English friends, is a person who wears mainly track suits. After being told this anyone wearing a track suit caught my eye and I looked to see how they wore it differently than others.

These are just a few of the fashions I saw in England and I can’t wait to go back to see more.
Amber :)