Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spring Showcase 2012

The Aesthetic Design Style House Spring Showcase 2012 took place on December 10, 2011.  This was an "industry only" event and invitees were fashion professionals with credentials. 

A showcase differs from a fashion show and that is fact #1.  A showcase is just that - an event to "showcase" designers and their collections for buyers to purchase.  It is an up close and personal way for fashion professionals to buy in a setting conducive to finding items for their organizations that fit their clients best.  This way one is able to inspect craftsmanship, feel fabric, and get a first-hand impression of the designer and their collection.  Models are placed strategically throughout the space and are expected to know who they are wearing and a bit about the piece they have been lucky enough to be chosen to wear. 

 A Fashion show usually involves a runway presentation and has a short time frame for which the show begins and ends.  Models are sent walking down a catwalk (in one aspect or another) and are used as a "hanger" for the collection in which they are showing.  Attendees are lined up usually 2 to 3 rows deep along the edge of the runway or catwalk.  There are media, buyers, and fashion professionals in the audience along with moms, dads, friends, family, etc.  You hope you are able to catch the attention of one of the aforementioned fashion professionals in order to get your collection into the hands of the right store or stores.  There is no up close and personal unless you have been invited backstage before the models run out of the clothes. 

We carefully chose the showcase option because independent fashion has more to prove, unfortunately.  Meaning we have to work harder to show that we are just as good (or in some cases BETTER) than large world renowned fashion houses.  Showing someone quality is always better than telling them about it.  They must be able to see for themselves and that is exactly what a showcase is able to do. 
Now, we are headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and this whole showcase thing was baffling to some.  Even the models were a little confused as to what we were doing and what we were trying to attain.  Once the "waiting game" and the hair/make-up portion was over everything came together and the vision came to life.  Now, a showcase isn't as action packed (at times) as a runway show so for some they aren't sure how to act or interact for that matter.  A showcase is all about business and there is one main purpose that one attends - to buy new collections for their organization.  There are all sorts of ways to present a showcase and we have learned so much from our first one.  They can be fun but keep in mind we do this for the business side of fashion.

Don't get me wrong - I am a sucker for a good runway presentation.  They are fantastic and they have their place in the industry.  However, the showcase has it's place but doesn't get enough credit for all it accomplishes.

We were lucky enough to have some amazing people who believed in us and what we were trying to do:  Peachtree Hotel Group, Barr Display, LModelz, Halakar Property Management, Angiee's Kitchen, Little Independent, PATTERN, Re-Creations by Christopher Thompson, Anna Ziemniak Photography, Marceli Chase Photography, and Karen Stewart Works.  These individuals and organizations worked hard to help promote and also lend their vision to our event and to them we are undoubtedly grateful!!

And of course we have the GREATEST team on the planet who helped to pull it all off as well.  Believe me we all had our own separate small breakdowns at one point or another in the planning process but we brought it all together in the end - that's what a great team does :)

This was a learning process and we are so excited how it all turned out.  We truly were blessed with fantastic press and exposure for our designers.  On top of that we had many orders and at the end of the day that was the goal!!

Stay tuned for FW12 and be looking for your invite ~

Until then:  "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."- Mark Twain

Monday, November 28, 2011

Goodwill for Goodwill ~

The newest member of the ADSH Team is Amber Coryell.  Please welcome her first post for our blog:)


How many of you love to spend less and get more?  Yes, I am definitely one of those people who love to get a bang for my buck and I especially love the Goodwill!

I have been shopping at the Goodwill for years and come to find out I am now not the only one!  Goodwill used to be the fun place to go with grandma to try on the most ridiculous outfits you could find, but now it is out with the old and in with new.

Recent articles that I have stumbled upon have stated that now, more than ever, the ratio of retail customers has risen 56% in the past three years. The people who have been donors in the past are now Goodwill’s greatest shoppers. 
Not only has the recession helped Goodwill’s success, but the enhancements to their ad campaign for the store have created a fashionable look for shoppers. Goodwill is now able to offer some name brands and some of the newest trends -  the hunt is just a bonus.

If you are in Central Indiana Goodwill has launched a new boutique store concept located at 422 East Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana 47408 called Vintage Vogue at GW.  It is a first of its kind and has had an incredible outpouring of support.  Here is their mission statement :  "Brace yourself for a brand new shopping concept with the opening of Vintage Vogue by GW. A boutique brand of Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Vintage Vogue offers a unique blend of chic, modern fashions and one-of-a-kind classics. The merchandise for Vintage Vogue is made possible by the generous donors in central Indiana.  With the support of retail shoppers and donors, revenues generated from Vintage Vogue and all the other Goodwill retail locations help fund employment and educational services in central Indiana for young people and adults.

Goodwill now has its own blog to learn about and comment on the new trends! 

I am a dedicated goodwill shopper and it now more fun than ever!
Enjoy !

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ready, Set, Holiday Cheer

As we roll into the holiday season, yet again, we know you are inundated with choices on how to spend your money.  If we may, we have a great suggestion.  Of course, we encourage "an independent fashion revolution" which means supporting small businesses and all independent fashion and accessories.  When you support that you are supporting and helping to launch careers - not just hobbies!

We happen to have friends in high places and are excited to share this wonderful helper, The Gift Giving Advisory Board's Holiday Gift Guide 2011, for your conscious shopping pleasure!  Thank you, Liz of Wickedly Chic, for letting us share this beautiful gift guide :)

Here are just a few items within ~

Until Then:  "The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it."  - Richard Bach

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reflection: Race Relations in the Indianapolis Fashion Industry

Indianapolis is one of the most segregated cities in the Midwest. I've come to terms with that...really I have. I grew up in a world where there was no color. People gasped at me when I brought a white man home to visit my family. What did your family say? Say about what?!?! Well....you know about Jason being white? Umm...my family didn't say anything. I don't think they even noticed. I've been in love with every race there is...I'm an equal opportunity lover. (I haven't dated an Asian though, need to fill that void...no really just kidding!) And it's not that I'm naive about race, hatred, and exclusion; it's out there and it's stronger than ever. I just try not to let it rule my life.
This time last year, I decided to follow a dream of mine and work in the fashion industry here in Indianapolis. I didn't know much about our fashion scene, but I knew one was out there. So I started researching to see where I would fit in. I have met so many new and exciting people since I've started to surface among the scene. Too many people to name...but you know who your are. I've also learned of many catty fights and division in the ranks. What do you expect? It is fashion...the mother of all cattiness, but I didn't expect any racial division. I don't know why, it's Indianapolis.
In Indianapolis, we have the black clubs and the white clubs...black stores and the white stores...black salons and white salons. Now don't get me wrong...there are some people of both races that break the mold. They don't follow the status quo and visit places that cater toward the opposite race. But the fashion industry....really?
I saw on Facebook last week a boycott against Midwest Fashion Week because it's founder, a Haitian male has been accused of purposely not promoting African American models and/or designers, because he's ashamed of his African heritage. I was floored, because this same issue was on the tongues of some when the Indianapolis Fashion Collective started. Many people said the organization was full of elitist and didn't want to particpate because they saw no representation of color within the ranks or there was no representation from IFC at the "black" fashion events. STOP PEOPLE!
Are people being too touchy? Are people looking for something to bitch about or does the Indianapolis fashion industry have a problem with color? I think certain people do, we cannot change the ignorance of those who choose to walk down a path of intolerance. But what we can do is support each other, whether that person, model, designer, photographer, or corporation is black or white or any other ethnicity or creed. Let's stop focusing on and fueling the color line, but lets step over it. Because Indianapolis is filled with talent from all sides; just think if we truly all came together and worked on making Indy the new fashion hub of the Midwest. We would be unstoppable.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Back on a hot hot hot day in August of 2011 the Aesthetic Design Style House team took on the task of directing, producing, styling, make-up (ing), and hair do (ing) out own Photo Shoot.  With the AMAZING vision of Anna Ziemniak behind the lens it all fell together beautifully!  The shoot was relaxed and we just let it all flow which I believe made it as awesome as it was. 

Janelle Cissell and I worked on the direction part and also filled in as Hair Stylist and MUA.  We had Sasha Greene and KathRyn Lou as models with Mallory Thomas joining us in a pinch toward the end.  Amber Fitzgerald and Mallory Thomas (our summer interns) had the opportunity to style our shoot for up close experience. 

The final edits are complete so enjoy :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Now Interning . . .

We are happy to announce our newest intern here at Aesthetic Design Style House - Amber Coryell!

I'm going to let her tell you a little more about herself in her own words.  Take it away Amber!

Hello, my name is Amber Coryell and I am 23 years old.  Since I have been old enough to care what my clothes looked like I have been crazy about fashion.  I love mixing and matching and making things my own and I wanted to make that my career.

 I took up the hobby of sewing when I was in high school because I wanted to learn how to make my ideas into reality.  I love the idea of taking something so simple, like fabric, and the outcome of it becoming something completely different.  In my free time I have made or modified many things and found myself jumping into many projects just for the learning and experience. 

When I went into my last years of high school I did a lot of research to learn about how to follow my dreams in this field and I learned not only is it going to take a lot of time and determination but, a lot of money.  Art school was not cheap, so I decided to go to school to get my business degree.  I decided to get this degree not only because it could help me gain more knowledge in the business aspect, but help me get a better job to pay for the school I really wanted to go to. 

I have received my degree and I am in the process of transition, but in doing so I thought about trying to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry.  I decided I wanted to do this before I start school again so I could go in with a little more insight on both sides.  I was not sure how I was going to do this without any experience or an art degree under my belt, but I was determined so I just started emailing businesses, companies, stores, anything I could to see if they would let me intern.  In doing so I finally got the response I was hoping for and I am so excited to have gotten this chance!! I cannot wait to get started!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion Night Out Indianapolis


The fashion world waits in anticipation all year for Fashion Night Out. The Indianapolis fashion community is bursting at the seams and our Fashion Night Out continues to grow with the fashion movement. All over the city of Indianapolis tonight, retailers will open their doors fueling the fashion fires that burns within the shopaholic and showcase hot new fall trends, food samplings, and maybe a live band or two.

Here is a link to the Fashion Night Out website to direct you to retailers taking part in tonight's Fashion Night Out festivites.

Monday, August 29, 2011

"I Wish We Could Do This Everyday!"

Sunday, Aesthetic Design Style House held our first photoshoot. The pictures will be featured on all of our media and feature ready-to-wear and vintage pieces from our in-house designers and clients. We would like to thank our wonderful models, KathRyn Lou and Sasha Greene, our photographer Anna Ziemniak, and our staff Julia, Amber, Mallory and Janelle for the greatest photoshoot ever! We can't wait until we see the final shots. When they're done, we will definately give you a sneak peek. In the meantime, here are some shots done behind the scenes of the shoot.