Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Template of Fashion - Vintage Fashion Library

I happened upon the most fascinating site one day as I was looking for different eras of fashion. Vintage Fashion Library. It then hit me that THIS is what fashion is all about. The nuts and bolts of the industry. The template upon which all things fabulous are made and are created. There are so many times when I have a very specific idea of an outfit I want in my head. It never completely translates to what I see in stores or online.

My wedding dress excursion is the perfect example. I love to mix modern with a vintage flair and sometimes there just isn't that one piece that completes the entire look. There are things that come close but never exact. I wanted a wedding dress with sleeves. I wanted either a bell sleeve or a large bishop sleeve such as was prominent in the 30's and 40's. NO wedding dresses even have sleeves anymore. Let alone a long sleeve. I saw so many strapless, spaghetti strap, or halter dresses I wanted to pass out! Apparently I was not part of the "norm" who loves strapless. Anyway, as I reviewed the wonderful period specific patterns at Vintage Fashion Library I found my dress! I could not believe it. Had I seen this site 5 years prior, I would have had the perfect dress for my perfect day. (My day was perfect and my dress turned out alright). Makes me want to set up a vow renewal - not just for the dress, of course!

Using patterns is a unique way to put your own spin on the current fashion trends or put your own personal style into a look. It will be truly your own. There are so many wonderful seamstresses and tailors that can create fabulous items just for you. If you can sew yourself, you are WAY ahead of the game and the cost goes down even further. Also you are in control of the color, fabric, fit, style, etc. You are the designer, ultimately.

Fashion is so much more than just something you throw on. It tells your mood, it tells others who you are and who you want to be, it exudes confidence or insecurity. Make it fun and make it your own. Be independent. Start with a template and create from there. Get back to the basics and start from scratch. I guarantee you'll have everyone asking "Where did you get that?"

Vintage Fashion Library - Catch them on Facebook too!

Until then: “In difficult times fashion is always outrageous.” Elsa Schiaparelli


  1. This is so live! I love vintage fashion and its facinating to see its influence in current designs. You know we have the Spicy Wifey lauch party coming up and I have no IDEA what I am wearing...so this is a great place for me to start for inspiration. Thanks so much!

  2. I absolutely loved this post! I also love vintage clothes. So classy and elegant. Keep up the good work Julie!!