Thursday, May 21, 2009

Loungewear, Cover Ups, and Gym Shorts?

Erin Braxton has it all and then some! The most amazing fabrics, styles, and ways to be cute AND comfortable can be found in her line. She has graciously decided to team up with Aesthetic Design Style in order to bring more attention to her vision and expand her brand into other areas of the country. We are honored to help and so excited to push her out in front of our independent fashion revolution.

The best sellers in Erin's line happen to be the Knotted Chemise, the Hoody Tunic, and the Gym Short (which are just ADORABLE!) Not only are these pieces great for around the house but you can run to the grocery in them and no one will look at you twice (only in a good way because you look so hot in them!) or even know it is "loungewear". Unlike your usual snowman pajama pants, fuzzy slippers, and grandmother's robe - please don't! Her cover ups are perfect for the beach or any resort and a few pieces can even be worn as ready-to-wear - The Kimono Wrap Robe is so fantastic I can't even tell you! There are never ending situations or occasions you can wear Erin Braxton. It is so versatile and beautiful that you feel good just hanging out on your very own patio.

I do have to warn you though - you may develop very high self confidence and perhaps a bit of arrogance wearing her designs so watch out for a lot of attention coming your way!

Until then: “The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” - Hubert de Givenchy


  1. I love Erin's tunic hoodie!! Can replace my snowman pj's anytime!! Thanks for this website, it's fab!

  2. These are cute. I love to lounge but with style is always sexy!