Saturday, November 28, 2009

Early New Year's Resolution - Blog More Often

This is my goal of the year 2010 - to keep my blog up to date and way more fascinating than it has been this year. Stay close as I know that 2010 is truly going to be year of wonderful fashion, life altering miracles, and just plain better judgement. You live and you learn and this whole blogging thing was new to me this year. I hope I have learned and can implement some better content, articles, pics, and more this coming year. So I say a huge "THANK YOU" to those who have actually read my blog this year. I do hope there was something that you did like or something that helped you in business or life or that you simply just enjoyed reading it.

Looking back on the start of Aesthetic Design Style in February of 2008 we have already come a long way. All of this started as a thought in my head and just evolved from there - one tiny baby step at a time. We now have 7 of the most amazing designers and women that you could ever meet. One of the 7 hasn't been announced yet but she is just as magnificent as the others and I cannot wait until the reveal. That's what is so wonderful about having your own business - I only have to have the lines and designers that I am in love with. I have the power to choose and help and be a part of the things that I feel are the best and that I feel are the best for others. It is such an empowering feeling and a great feeling to try and help others.

For the remainder of this year, let's make it priority to do just that - help others. I know we are in the midst of one of the most materialistic times of year but let's not lose focus on what it is all about. No matter what your race, creed, religion, culture, etc., everyone has a sense of self and a sense of helping others. It is in the simple ways that people are changed. Just a smile to someone on the street or a handshake does more for people than you'll ever know. Be conscious of the little things and be thankful for ALL of them.

Until then: "Nothing great has been and nothing great can be accomplished without passion."

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