Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fashionable Indiana Archives

Each month I can't wait to rush to the mailbox to see if my new VOGUE has arrived.  Oh, VOGUE, in all it's fashion glory with its beautiful people and fanciful items adorning each and every page.  It's like a gift to myself every month.  No one in my house is allowed to touch it before I do!  My oldest daughter knows that she is not to leap through it or read any article until I've done so first.  It's my own little pleasure in life.

One of my very favorite sections in VOGUE is NOSTALGIA.  I have learned about many incredible, intelligent, gorgeous, strong, independent women in so many of their articles.  I get to live each month in the past for just a few moments while I read about stylish women who wouldn't take no for an answer and persevered on to do extraordinary things with their lives and careers.  In the same breath I've also learned of many others who had it all but at the end of their lives died alone with no one knowing who they were.  The latter group are the women I enjoy reading so much about - they took chances and lived life to the fullest and even though they may have left us unknown, VOGUE somehow resurrects them each month so they really are never forgotten. 

I do believe that I lived in the 30's in Old Hollywood and did something to be rich because I'm just enamored with that era.  The clothes the clothes the clothes let's not forget about the clothes in this era - simply stunning and classy.  That was when people dressed to impress and it DID matter how you presented yourself to the world.  Once I get wealthy in this life I will only be in vintage Chanel, Balenciaga, and a few rare Elsa Schiaparelli pieces added in.  It sounds funny to think that one must have money to wear "old" clothes but it's true and when that day arrives that's what you'll find me in!

Along with my love of fashion I'm an absolute history nerd.  I love love love history and everything about it.  Art history, Russian History, US History, World History, you name it I love it - the only classes I received A's in when I was in school in fact :)  My major in college was Anthropology and I wanted to be Margaret Mead since I was 4 when my mom read me a story about her.  I say all of this leading up to the reason I browse the Indiana Historical Society web site all the time. 

During one of my recent investigative sessions I came across some wonderful images from the Root Store Fashion Show to the 4-H Dress Revue winners from the Indiana State Fair to the Herz Store League of Terre Haute Fashion Models.  I was surprised and elated all at the same time.  You don't think of the Midwest as being fashion forward but I was pretty impressed with the images I collected from their site - proud as a matter of fact.  Proud that back in 1933 these women not only made most of these creations themselves but they looked AMAZING and always put together at all times.  Now I can't personally go back to 1933 and hear what New York or LA were saying about our style here in Indiana but from what I dug up I don't really care. 

I hope you enjoy this trip back as much as I did!

Until Then:  "In the adjustment of the new order of things, we women demand an equal voice; we shall accept nothing less."  - Carrie Chapman Catt

P.S. - Thank you Indiana Historical Society for the wonderful images!


  1. Sign me up for the days when ladies wore hats and gloves.
    I tried to wear a hat to work one day (I had an excuse, because of an evening event at church that night). Anyway, my boss stopped to talk to me, then stopped mid-sentence. He said he had something to say, but got derailed by the hat.
    So goes my little personal attempt to revive those days gone by...
    Love the photos!

  2. Oh how much I LOVE that you did that!! I have to give it to you for being true to yourself and your personal style and not letting anyone influence what you want to do or what you want to wear!! And I am with you wholeheartedly about bringing back the days of hats and gloves. Thank you so much for your comment - it's very much appreciated!!