Monday, March 21, 2011

Transformations Fashion Show

Friday night, I saw an awesome show. Transformations is an annual show designed and produced by Catherine Fritsch for DivaFest.
Fristch speaking with the audience
 Fritsch is owner and designer of Mercurious Designs and Sweet Revenge Lingerie. She has 18 years experience in designing, pattern making and sewing services. In my book, she is the one of  the gurus of design AND she is one of the most humble and nicest person you will ever meet. She's also one of our clients at Aesthetic Design Style.
In the Transformation show, Fritsch takes off the wall objects, like styrofoam from bean bag chair and balloons, to make modern Victorian pieces. Models were supplied by LModelz Modeling Agency. Makeup was done by our own Julia Rutland and Christopher Thompson of Re-Creations and Kathy Moberly of faces by klm. Hair styling was provided by Geneva Hair Studio and jewelry by Cheeky Couture.
I was excited all week about this show. Here are a few of my favorite.

To find out more about Catherine Fritsch or Sweet Revenge Lingerie, go to her website.

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