Sunday, February 17, 2013

Details Details Details

A couple weeks ago we did a photo shoot with the talented Anna Ziemniak for our client Shyra Ely-Gash and her online boutique TutzGlam.  (Thank goodness for Janelle Cissell who is THE BEST when it comes to keeping us together on shoots :)

We had the absolute privilege to shoot at the Madame CJ Walker Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana.  If you aren't familiar with Madame CJ Walker or what this theatre means to our city let me tell you that we wouldn't have such a fabulous city or such a rich history without either one of them.  Her story is one of pure self-motivation, determination, and passion.  CLICK HERE for a bit about the beautiful Madame CJ Walker.  For now, enjoy some of the incredible details of this historic theatre and of the fabulous day we had shooting :)



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