Monday, April 12, 2010

Indy Fashion Time

Networking is really an incredible thing when done properly! I have met the most wonderful, smart, creative, and powerful individuals just by going to things and doing the things I love. One perfect example of this was when I met Denisha Ferguson AKA DLANG. Not only is she a designer but she, like us, is devoted to changing the landscape of fashion in our very own backyard. She believes in and knows how much talent we have right here in Indianapolis and wants to showcase that talent.

But it doesn't stop there and this is not just another fashion show!!! Denisha created Indy Fashion Time to educate, spotlight, and encourage designers and make them more successful in their futures. Aesthetic Design Style is so excited to be able to help out and be a part of Indy Fashion Time this year! This is the 3rd Annual launch of this event and it is shaping up to be the biggest and best so far.

Denisha breaks down the IFT Experience in three categories:
  • Mission - To create learning, networking, and economic opportunities for the creative mind
  • Vision - Dreamers platform into reality
  • Goals - 1. To obtain dreams through artistic expression 2. To empower youth through workshops that introduce basic principles of the arts, while also focusing on self-esteem and life skills 3. To provide marketing opportunities for the novice and experience creative professional 4. To promote cultural diversity in the arts 5. To increase tourism by providing creative events in Indiana

There really IS more than corn in Indiana - PROMISE!

IFT offers a design competition with a CASH prize for the winner! This is something that is rare for fashion events in the city so I applaud her for this offering.

  • The competition is open to any resident or non-resident of Indiana, student, entrepreneur, or professional
  • Requirements: 1. Present four original designs 2. Follow rules outlined on registration forms 3. Submit $189 registration fee
  • To enter simply email IFT Week at with your name and mailing address and you will be sent the designer registration forms
  • Deadline has been extended to April 21, 2010

Tickets for IFT are very reasonable as well. $15 for general admission and only $25 for VIP tickets which includes access to networking reception, lite Hor' D' oeuvres, preferred show seating, and MORE surprises (are you kidding me? VIP all the way baby!). CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets NOW!

For further details on how you can join the competition, volunteer, or get the schedule of events visit IFT Week and get connected.

See you there!

Until then: "Creativity is the ability to see that which is waiting to exist"

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