Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Marcus Darling..MA..RC..US": Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt was the an entertainer like no other. A household name and star of the stage and the big screen, Kitt oozed an unearthly seduction like no other entertainer of her period. She was Catwoman for gosh sakes!

Rumored born of mixed race in South Carolina in 1927, Kitt found herself facing racism within her own house. She was raised by a caregiver until her guardian married and her new husband didn't want to raise Kitt because of her complexion. Kitt was sent to live with her biological mother when she was eight years old. 

Kitt began singing in 1948 with a cabaret company called the Katherine Dunham Company. Her signature song, Santa Baby, was released in 1953. Kitt spoke four languages and sang in seven. The entertainer starred in many movies throughout her lifetime and contributed in a lot of voiceover work. She was Catwoman during the thrid season of Batman in 1967 and had her own show in 1969.
Kitt lobbied and was an advocate for homosexual rights and supported same-sex marriages throughout her life. Kitt worked on stage and film up to her death.  Eartha Kitt died of colon cancer in 2008.

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