Monday, February 14, 2011

Video Vixen: Beverly Peele

Beverly Peele was born in Los Angeles in 1975. She began modeling at 12 years old. Peele appeared on her first magazine cover, Madmoiselle, in 1989. She's done covers for Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan and has done runway shows for designers like Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Versace.

Peele retired from modeling in 1995. After the birth of her daughter, Peele's modeling prospects dwindled and she began acting. She was featured on shows like Sister, Sister and Girlfriends. The model is also known for her music video work being featured in George Michael's Too Funky and Heavy D's Nuttin but Love videos.

The model got into some legal trouble when she was arrested in 2005 for credit card fraud; using a card she found in a shopping mall. She appeared on the Tyra Bank Show in 2006 to speak out about the dangers of modeling. Peele was also in a major car accident in 2010 leaving her and her daughter is serious condition.

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