Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tough Time Blues

I don't know if it's the weather or just the time of year, but EVERYONE is chatting about how they're in a slump, both creatively and financially. Sometimes you need to just sit back and re-evaluate the goals of your company and brand. Here are a few topics that can help you start that process.

Who are you making you pieces for?
Most people make their pieces for themselves. People that do this don't sell their pieces. You have to design from inner creativity, but you need to keep in mind your target audience.

Who is sitting in the audience at your fashion shows?
It's great that you are participating in fashion shows. But if your line is ready to wear and no one is buying your pieces after your showcase, what was the point? Make sure you are targeting people that are going to buy your pieces. It's great to do a showcase for the public, friends and family, but your grandmother already purchased her couture X dress. Make sure you're filling the seats with potential clients and customers. Make your pieces available for purchase after the show.

The economy is crazy. Price your pieces accordingly.
Last night, we had a meeting with a designer. It was such a somber meeting because we had to reduce some of the prices of her pieces. THAT SUCKS!! We have to be mindful of the economy.With gas prices soaring, people are going to start locking their money up again to pay for extra expenses. Make your pieces economically friendly.

Shake off that negative energy around you. Push through this hard time. It's only for a season.

For more help or to see what we can do to help you push through your brand's tough time blues, visit our website.

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