Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alien & The Undead: Fashion Among Mortals

First, I want to say I am EXCITED to be back with ADSH. I have missed everyone, but had a much needed rest and had to step back for a moment.'s good to be home.

Since before HG Wells' 1898 version of "War of the Worlds", our society has been fascinated with the unknown, undead, and things that go bump in the night. Almost every weekend you can go to your local movie theater or turn on your TV and be mesmerized by nonhuman creatures. This intrigue for all things creepy has crossed over to the fashion houses of New York, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, and independent designers and boutiques.

Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume Print Ad
You can see the unearthly influence in Thierry Mugler's Alien perfume campaign from the molded bodice of the regal golden gown to the alien/cat orbital makeup to her hair resembling a crown; a queen among mortals. It reminds me of the female costumes of the 1980's film "Flash Gordon".
The Women of the 1980's Flash Gordon Movie

Perhaps when you turn the pages of your favorite fashion rag, you see Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest, the fashion model that is tattooed in zombie like markings on the majority of his body.  This enigma has been used in various ad campaigns, runways, and was even featured with the diva Lady Gaga in her music video, "Born This Way".

Lady Gaga & Zombie Boy in "Born This Way"
Paris has recently celebrated monsters in fashion by holding a traveling exhibit at the La Gaîté Lyrique.

A Traveling Exhibit Now at La Gaite Lyrique
But you dont' have to stray far to see the influence of the unknown. Independent designer and boutique for plus size women, Domino Dollhouse, was recently featured on Joe Zee's reality fashion show, "All on the Line". The brand has released their new Astralnauts Collection, featuring the little sparks of light in the sky.
Domino Dollhouse's Babydoll Dress in Galaxy $89
(only available in 4X - all other sizes sold out)

I look forward what the next trend will be. Oh yes, there will be a new one. Soon aliens, zombies, monsters, and any unearthly phenomenon that comes to mind will be old and something new will be on the horizon. But in the meantime, there are many who want to make fashion an out of this world experience.

~ Ruby

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