Monday, January 24, 2011

Sparkling Chic: Our Interview with Sarah Radford

Last week, we featured an independent designer from Cleveland, OH. We got such a huge response from it, we decided to do it again; but with our clients. We want you to meet the reason why ADS is here. Without these people there would be no ADS. We want to thank them and introduce them to you.

Sarah Radford is the founder and designer of Chic Gems Etc.. Sarah answered some questions for me in an interview.

Accessories Designer Sarah Radford

Introduce yourself
My name is Sarah Radford and I am the founder and designer of Chic Gems Jewelry. I have loved fashion since I was a child and have worked for numerous fashion companies.

Where are you from?
I grew up in Cleveland, OH and lived in Chicago from 2002-2009.

How long have you been designing?
Couture Pearl Flower Necklace (retail $125)
I began designing jewelry when I was about 10 years old.

When did you start Chic Gems, etc.?
I founded Chic Gems as a side project in 2002.

What inspired you to start Chic Gems, etc.?
Floating Pearl Necklace (retail $35)
I was wearing suits to work everyday for my corporate sales job and I decided that I needed a way to make my wardrobe more exciting. I was not thrilled with the fashion jewelry that I was finding at stores, so I thought, "why not create my own?" I love all things fashion and I have a passion for helping women look beautiful. I believe that with the right accessories you can transform an entire wardrobe.

What sets Chic Gems apart from other accessories lines?
Swarovski Starfish Necklace (retail $63)
I offer many customizable pieces through my website and private consultations. I take the time to listen to my customers requests and exceed their expectations. One of my niches is affordable custom jewelry for bridesmaids.

Who are your influences?
I am influenced by pop culture, nature, and Old Hollywood Glamour.

What is your favorite piece?
Tampa Necklace in Emerald (retail $55)
 I really love the Tampa Necklace. It is a stunning piece that can be worn at the office or for a night out on the town.

What are your price points?
My prices range from $18-$125. Most of the pieces are under $70.

Who do you prefer: Independent or Mainstream designers?
Most mainstream designers began as independent designers, so I support both. I think it is great when independent designers achieve their dreams and share their designs with the World. 

Any other special projects you want to share with our readers? 
I always enjoy the opportunity to work with charities to create customized jewelry that they use for unity and fundraising pieces. The most recent charity I have partnered with is High Hopes in High Heels,

For more information on Chic Gems etc and to see Sarah's entire inventory, go to their website

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