Friday, January 7, 2011

Trendy Thrifting

Purse I bought from Goodwill for $2.99
When people think of thrifting, they generally think of stores that smell like moth balls and look like 100 closets threw up items that someone named Mable or Agatha once wore. The persona of thrifting is changing. It's no longer a hobby for old ladies or a place you take tattered expendable clothes. Thrifting is a new retail outlet providing quality pieces at inexpensive prices. As more people think outside of the department store or boutique box, thrifting will continue to gain popularity.

Fly Won, an Indianapolis fashionista, is owner of the Fly's Nest, an online store through the Sense of Fashion website. The Fly's Nest has been selling products from clothing, shoes and accessories online for a year. The average price of her pieces are $10-$15; nothing is over $50.

Other mass or box thrift stores, like Goodwill or Disabled American Veterans (DAV), rely on the donations of others. These places become a catch all for pieces from different decades and price points. But when Fly Won looks for items to sell, she considers pieces she would personally wear. Fly Won notes she would wear everything she sells it if were in her size. 

Fly Won
Shopping at thrift stores, online or at a storefront, can be intimidating.When shopping in thrift stores, Fly Won suggest you don't go with the intent to find a specific thing.

"Let your eye guide you. I rarely sift through the multitude of things in thrift stores. I just do a quick walk through and let my eye be my guide. Meaning, I wait for something to CATCH my eye." 

Fly Won uses a different approach when purchasing items online.

"ASK QUESTIONS before purchasing and read the fine print. Expect things to possibly have slight wear, OR make sure you are aware of any flaws."

Thrifting is not a new retail outlet, but it's reputation is evolving into a popular trend. If you ask the right questions and let your eye be you guide, you will find some diamonds in the rough.

Check out Fly Won's online thrift store, Fly's Nest, at


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