Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An Independent Revolution

Independent - (1) not subject to control by others (2) not requiring or relying on something else or others (3) showing a desire for freedom

You look in your mailbox and you just got your brand new issue of "X" high fashion magazine. You take a seat on the couch and flip through the high glossy pages and see the dress of your dreams. Well it would be the dress of your dreams if the hem were longer and it was a size 10...and the color was neutral instead of honeysuckle and orange...oh and the hardware of the dress is a bit bulky...and if you could wear it to the office without being called into human resources for sexual harassment...and it you could afford it. Now that you're pondering the piece staring back at you, that dress just won't do. Can you call John Doe couture and tell him his vision for your closet doesn't meet your needs? Or tell him a few changes and a couple of hundred dollars cheaper you or people like you could buy the dress?

Fashion is not born on the runways of New York or Paris. It's not John Doe's best or worst dressed list. Fashion is derived from the streets of your city; your neighborhood. Who better to monitor the hub of fashion but the independent fashion designer? You can have a relationship with an independent fashion designer. Most independent designers will make a garment to your preference.

The independent designer is not confined to a look, trend, or status. An independent designer is not defined by a logo or label. Independent fashion is breaking the mold and creating pieces out of the ordinary; from pret-a-porter to couture. Independent fashion also provides revenue to local economies and produces a creative workforce. Two key ingredients of a striving culture.

We, at Aesthetic Design Style, want to be an advocate for independent fashion designers. In our original mission statement, we introduced ourselves as liaisons to retailers and independent designers; but we are much more than that. We want to be at the forefront of the independent fashion revolution. Our new mission statement reads:

Aesthetic Design Style partners with and supports independent fashion and accessory designers. We are a liaison and the voice between the designer, media, and retail establishments; fostering an independent fashion revolution by implanting seeds of ingenuity within the fashion industry.

Please join us in support of the independent fashion designers, media outlets, and retailers.

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