Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top 5 Summer Trends for 2011

1)      Turbans

Spice up any boring outfit with a turban. They come in all different styles, patterns and colors to fit your personal style. Well known in Hollywood, this summer trend is making its way throughout the country. Be the first in your local area to showcase this fabulous trend!

2)      Bell-Bottoms

The 70’s are back!!!!  If you’re going to wear this trend, do it in style.  Be sure to tuck in your favorite shirt and throw on a skinny belt to add some flare. Don’t be caught wearing flats in your bell-bottoms, instead wear a simple wedge to give a great finish look to this chic yet comfortable and easy trend.

      3)      Tribal Prints

Make a bold statement in Tribal Prints this summer! Found all over the runways, designers are taking this on and off trend to the next level by using the classic tribal prints and adding geometric elements, as well as color to spice up any look. 

4)      White Lace

      What woman doesn’t look gorgeous in white lace? This trend can be found in tops, bottoms, undergarment, handbags, even shoes! White lace has a way of making women look elegant and polished; every woman needs lace alone in their wardrobe.

      5)      Kitten Heels

Girls, give your feet a break from those stilettos. Instead, put on a shorter heel known as the kitten heel. Although it doesn’t give the height that most women prefer, its simple yet elegant look can add glamour to any wardrobe.

Mallory :)

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